Head Office

Makatb Mall Down Town, Bank District st. IN front of CIB,5th Settlement, Cairo, Egypt.

sales Office

The Portal Building (A)
Beverly Hills , Sheikh Zayed


Our Small Story

At MARDEV GROUP, we take great pride in our collective knowledge, skills, and expertise. Working together seamlessly, we strive to deliver successful projects while valuing the importance of robust relationships. Our collaborative approach is adaptable and allows us to respond swiftly to the unique needs of our clients.

Since our establishment in 1989, we have amassed over three decades of experience in civil construction and urban development. This extensive track record has solidified our position as a highly successful Egyptian-owned company. Our commitment is to serve our clients’ needs most efficiently, translating their vision into reality within the market.

Our Expertise

  • Interior Design:

    We specialize in creating captivating interior spaces that blend aesthetics with functionality tailored to our clients’ preferences.
  • Construction and Contracting:

    With our extensive knowledge and expertise in building and contracting, we undertake projects of all sizes with utmost professionalism, delivering exceptional results.
  • Urban Development:

    Our focus on urban development allows us to contribute to the growth and enhancement of communities through well-planned and sustainable projects.

Projects Completed

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At MARDEV GROUP, we aspire to transform the dream of home ownership into reality by making it affordable and offering unparalleled, distinctive designs that harmoniously merge the charms of urban and suburban life.


MARDEV GROUP is dedicated to excellence, originality, and high-quality standards in real estate investment, contracting, and urban development. With a strong focus on keeping up with national, regional, and international advancements in these interconnected industries, MARDEV aims to uphold core values and professional ethics.

FEATURED PROJECTS We have successfully completed more than 130+ projects in Egypt


Menorca Residence new capital


mardev plaza new capital


sky light mall new capital


Menorca Villa Zayed